Self Care Checklist: A Must-Have Guide

China Noelle

My self care checklist should give you a gentle reminder to love and care for yourself, no matter what you’re going through! It’s so easy to get lost in daily mania (see politics) or a ho hum existence & neglect self care. Don’t do it! Self care is how you make your life moments count and honor your present self in this world. You can practice self care “when you have no time,” because self care is as much an attitude of feeling worthy — and knowing you are worthy no matter what — as it is a practice of ensuring that you carry yourself with self worth.

DAILY CHECKLIST: A Self Care Checklist to Look Into Every Day

  1. Have I honored my thoughts? – Download an app and write a mantra that you chant to yourself, or a prayer, or whatever floats you boat. Having a self-care phrase when you awake, (even if it’s something as simple as “Good morning to myself, my spirit, my past, present, and my future, which I honor and thank for molding me: I love and care about me,” can really help to center you in the morning and give you a direction for self care throughout the day.
  2. Have I honored my body? – Give TLC to every physical part of you daily. Floss, brush, tongue scrape, give your mouth an oral spa day, every day, and honor it. Honor the scent of you and enjoy the splashy sounds of water against your skin.
  3. Have I honored my daily goals? – Routine is such an important part of self care. If you have a big dream, breaking the dream into small daily actions can get you closer to it. You can use the same daily mantra app to track and jot your daily life goals. Honor your daily tasks and give yourself the gift of routine.
  4. Have I practiced daily self-acceptance? – Yes, you can and should change small internal things you can control, if they are part of your goals. You can make a small change in your attitude, for example. You can change your negative thoughts into positive ones, and you can change anything in your immediate realm of control. But, for anything you cannot change today, or any day, stop pressuring yourself, stop hating yourself, stop giving yourself too much stress. You are worthy. Honor and accept what you have managed today and look forward to a new day.

WEEKLY CHECKLIST: A Self Care Checklist to Review Weekly

  1. There are 52 weeks in a year, which means I can do 52 cool things every week. Have I given myself one joyful thing to do every week? It can be as simple as changing your nail polish every Sunday or as ambitious as taking a language lesson on an app once a week…but if you think of the number of weeks you get in a year, you can do one beautiful thing for yourself 52 times and see results! Maybe you run a mile weekly; that would mean you’d have run 52 miles in a year. Whatever you choose as your “weekly check-in,” make it worth it, because you are worth it.
  2. Have I honored my weekend? Taking a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday to listen to your favorite music or dance to it, can be so restorative. Honor your weekend in a way that pleases you.
  3. Have I eaten well, slept well, this week? Getting in those salads and leafy greens, giving your body some loving nutrients, is sooo revitalizing. Eat well and be well, and check in weekly to make sure that your intake is healthy and good. Drinking water and not sodas can do wonders!

MONTHLY CHECKLIST: A Self Care Checklist to Review Monthly

  1. Have I cared for my emotional wounds? Humans are prone to all sorts of emotional injuries and little rips of the heart, whether it’s the retirement of your favorite sports player or the cancellation of a relationship in which you’ve invested. Take the time to reflect on, and tend to, your emotional wounds. Don’t hide them. Tell them to a professional, or journal them down until you can.
  2. Have I cleared out toxic people and patterns? If you don’t recognize the weight on top of you, you might struggle to stay balanced and you may just find yourself emotionally and spiritually wobbly. So, take inventory, as part of your monthly ritual, of all the toxins that weigh you down, and gently clear them from your path: these toxins can be negative . You’ll walk more freely and have better breathing room by doing so—even if it feels scary at first.
  3. Have I spent less time in front of the computer and more time connecting with someone good or something mentally/physically healthy? The internet may have some of the finest and worst moments to offer, but it’s important to honor human connection. Sit down, break bread, walk in nature, see life in real terms, not just in electronic ones. You’ll feel mentally healthier and quite frankly more balanced if you have a regimen that’s not all about the ‘net! Care for yourself in real life.

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