S2/E1: How to Know You’ve Chosen the Wrong Partner

China Noelle

FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST: Ame the High Priestess of Love!

Hey, HOT NERD: been thinking about “The One” in your life lately, have you? If you ask me, there are many “The Ones,” and deciding on a partner isn’t as draconian as old values and rules can scare you into believing, and while it may be scary indeed to have gone about the world thinking you’ve chosen the “wrong” partner, and while, yes, there are some very wrong, and embarrassingly awful, choices you can have made in love, all is not lost, darling.

YOU are loved, just by being you–and there are so many tips, tricks, and more that you can apply when thinking about how to fashion your love life.

Join me and my homegirl, Ame the High Priestess of Love, as we indulge in this first episode of Season 2! I’m excited to have my friends occasionally hop on with me in this new China & Friends format, right here on The Hot Nerd podcast!

I look forward to your breaking bread and relationship bytes with us!

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