16: Jessica Krug Pretending to Be Black & Other Hot Topics

China Noelle

Did you hear of the lady/professor, Jessica Krug, and how she’d been “pretending” to be black? That story is curious, like, why couldn’t she just have taught African studies without the performance? Lots of folks from many backgrounds do!

Join me as I unpack what on earth the deal is with Madame Krug, whom I’d have interviewed if she were willing, and let’s get into identity in a hilarious and nuanced way. The issue isn’t as clean-cut or black and white, no pun intended, as all the social media screamers make it seem. While folks like Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal are a lil wiggity whack for their identity performances, I’m not convinced that everybody else is so performance-free.

Of course, not in the Krug/Dolezal vein, but–honey, chile…many of y’all’s boyfriends be performing like they love you when they really don’t. Zing! Okay, but seriously, identity is fluid, and these two cases of the black-identity pretenders need to be unpacked.

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