Is Your Soulmate Hiding? 7 Soulmate Quotes & Love Hacks

China Noelle

Is your soulmate hiding? At some point, it’s normal to wonder if that “soulmate” thing really exists, or if it’s all just a made-up commercial ploy used to sell romantic comedies and create blockbuster movies for mostly female audiences and keep them longing for Brad Pitt on a unicorn, riding to save them from the litany of frogs they have to endure in real life. Soulmates are real. Soulmates, like everything and everyone else, are manifestations, and if you feel like your soulmate is hiding from you, you really can manifest and entice your soulmate into coming out of hiding! Here are some soulmate quotes and hacks that’ll tease your soulmate out at least a little bit?

TIP 1: Meditate

SOULMATE QUOTE: “Your thoughts point to reality, and what you think can be made real, just by thinking it enough times.”

Does your soul have a mate? Is there someone in your life that might be blocking you from finding that mate? Believe it or not, you can actually get the answers to these questions, by talking them out, thinking them through, then sitting still and meditating or praying, whichever your preference. Meditation allows for you to focus on a goal, exert energy towards it, and receive clarity around it. The first step in letting your soulmate find you is to meditate about what a soulmate is, and about how to invite that mate into your life.

TIP 2: Purge

SOULMATE QUOTE: “To set on a new journey, rest the old baggage.”

Once you have meditated, it’s time to let the baggage go. If you need to clear out noise in your life, clear out negative opinions, negative behaviors, addictions ranging from social media addictions to the addiction of putting yourself down, then clear it all out. Purging the life you don’t want in order to invite the life you do want, will help to clear the way for a soulmate, or just good energy to find you.

TIP 3: Accept

SOULMATE QUOTE: “Once you accept whom you are, you will exude the light and confidence that you need to shine out there in the world, so that your soulmate can make a path towards you.”

The one key aspect of knowing yourself and loving yourself, is accepting every bit of whom you are. You can’t accept 60%, or 52%, or 97% of yourself. You have to accept yourself and your story, and not feel the need to regret any part of whom you are. If you don’t accept yourself, then it might be difficult to illuminate a path, or project a light from your spirit to someone else’s. Do what it takes to healthily and positively accept yourself at a level of 100%.

TIP 4: Define

SOULMATE QUOTE: “Without knowing yourself, you’ll settle for whatever rags the wrong person uses to define you.”

Define whom you are and what would be good for your soul. If you know that you need joy and calm and protection, then you need to welcome those behaviors into your life and define yourself as someone who will not be in the presence of anything otherwise. Do not make excuses for why you need to be in the presence of behaviors that are contrary to how you ultimately define yourself.

TIP 5: Connect

SOULMATE QUOTE: “Birds of the same paradigm, flock together and align.”

In the age of mobile dating apps, and strange new dating behaviors such as ghosting and vampiring and all that nonsense that you hear about these days, it might be hard to make a genuine connection with someone. Yet, people connect all the time. It is the nature of the world. It is inevitable that good connections will come into your life. Everyone has a set of connections that will improve his or her outlook and inspire his or her life, even if it means that connection is an ideal, or some sort of public figure’s life that sets the tone for what you would like to achieve. Make connections to the ideals that you value in a soul, and let your soul find you through those connections. If you value community leadership, and you would like your soul’s mate to have this value, then make connections in that field. Basically, be where your paradigm matches your potential soulmate’s!

TIP 6: Filter

SOULMATE QUOTE: “Broken bottles are green, and the most peaceful gardens are green. Learn to separate things wisely, even if they seem like they belong together.”

Filtering out the unnecessary noises, distractions, and voices, that may keep you from attracting good, romantic, energy, is very important. There are some friends, colleagues, and even family members, who might be determined to put thoughts in your thought process that deter you from growing in love. Some might be there just to listen to your juicy stories about unhealthy and embarrassing relationships. They might thrive from hearing you stumble, and when you think about it, are not really there to give you tips, help, nor productive uses of your time when it comes to building strong and fruitful relationships. You’ll need to filter out these people from your journey.

TIP 7: Repeat

SOULMATE QUOTE: “Soulmates don’t happen overnight. They’ve been happening in your soul the whole time.”

Once you’ve gotten the hang of these steps, you can keep them in rotation. Keep them in practice, because finding your soulmate, or inviting your soulmate into your life in a peaceful and positive way, despite whatever challenges you might be experiencing, will take some practice. It will take you being honest with yourself about how to get ready for your mate, and it will take you being strong enough to still maintain yourself and your integrity even as you invite another, complete, different, and strange, new soul to share and create life’s joys with you.

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