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Bio & Speaking

China Aiko Amaka Noelle is an Ivy League gal with three Ivy League degrees from Cornell, Penn, and Columbia & the C.E.O/co-founder of a global health & wellness brand.

While Noelle spent most of her life in the ivory towers, she also voraciously devoured the outside world. She started temping for corporations like Citi (in a division formerly known as the Umbrella Group) and Chase in New York City, shortly after getting her worker’s permit at age 15—one of the briefest, most fun, and most awkward experiences of her teenage life.

Noelle began Cornell University at 16 and became one of the youngest, perhaps indeed the youngest, to have graduated within three years at age 19. Afterwards, she had a brief stint as a sociolinguistics Ph.D. student at Georgetown, then decided to switch her Ph.D. credits to a master’s program at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. After graduating from Penn, working for corporate America, and for herself, she became fascinated with Obama’s rise from state senator to presidential candidate and, as a result, watched the news so incessantly that she decided to work for two ungodly-early morning NBC/MSBNC shows while enrolled in Columbia’s journalism school as a new media journalism grad student.

After getting her Columbia journalism degree, Noelle merged digital journalism with social culture and became the founding editor of one of the world’s most-read blogs aimed at sophisticated women of color, Madame Noire. In 2012, she hosted Women Of Media in New York, an epic and memorable girl-power event that included both Megyn Kelly and Tamron Hall. From 2011 to now, Noelle has appeared on television as an analyst and commentator.

In 2018, Noelle landed a few segments on BBC and Sky News, analyzing the papers. She had been the featured and sole expert for a few primetime MSNBC shows, including the Lawrence O’Donnell Show, and others on HLN. She has contributed to Fox News since 2011. Noelle was the sole Democratic Strategist on Nancy Grace’s first-ever presidential campaign segment, a staple guest contributor on Joy Behar’s show, Say Anything! on Current TV, and a frequent face on Megyn Kelly’s America Live. She has paneled numerous cable networks in the United States, from CNN/HLN to Fox News to MSNBC to Current to Newsy to i24 to BBC and Sky News in the United Kingdom.

Noelle has received additional certifications in cybersecurity management and digital marketing, which she now uses to help online clients grow their brands. In addition to overseeing digital strategy, she owns a few global digital properties.

For much of the year, Noelle travels across the U.S. & U.K., speaking, learning, and working: chock full of whimsical, nutty adventure.


TV news personality. Previously, EIC & founding editor @MadameNoire. Current C.E.O./digital exec. in Health & Fitness. Ivy League history-maker.


Journalist & forthcoming author.
Previously EIC/founding editor @MadameNoire.
TV personality & current digital exec.
Ivy League history-maker.

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