17: A Dating Guide For Women Over 30

China Noelle

Dating over 30 is not for the faint at heart, but if you’re a woman on a mission and find yourself fumbling, this reflective podcast episode is for you!

Putting yourself last and not knowing how to rely on your God-gifted common sense to make wholesome decisions, is a pretty common dating dilemma and we’re going to tackle that dilemma with some red hot-nerd truths!

Join me as I take on the most annoying and the most satisfying pieces of dating-wisdom nuggets that grown–and growing–women need to know! Listen in to The Hot Nerd podcast wherever podcasts are available.

Heard My Hot Podcast?

Click here to listen to an episode sample of The Hot Nerd podcast, which I host on thehotnerd.com & on anchor.fm/thehotnerd!



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