15: Toxic Relationships: You May Need to RUN From Family!

China Noelle

Did you hear Lauryn Hill’s daughter, Selah Marley, discuss the beatings and rage with which her mother would approach her? Alas, toxicity begins at home, doesn’t it? Some of the closest relationships in which you might find yourself, may be responsible for some of your most challenging traumas!

With all the reckonings that have happened across so many movements, from #BLM to #MeToo, you’ll find that many young people, like Selah Marley, like me, and like you…have a need to correct the horrid ways of the past and heal from the destructive behaviors that have been normalized into “culture.”

Lauryn Hill clearly traumatized her daughter, in Selah’s own words, and after hearing Selah speak about that experience, Lauryn’s response almost justified that childhood trauma through the lens of “culture!”

Beware of what people tell you is your “culture,” and beware, most of all, that those “people” will be your family members. Your healing might require you breaking from the people and things you love. I definitely had to break from my love for Miseducation of Lauryn Hill to set its creator straight in this episode, aptly titled: Toxic Family & Why I’m So F***ing Over Lauryn Hill.

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