14: Dating, Married, & Unemployed

China Noelle

Times are rough, even if you’re single, so you can imagine those who must share living spaces or emotional spaces with others in their dating or married lives–especially when money becomes a GARGANTUAN topic! Join as this episode explores how money makes men feel adequate or inadequate in relationships, even in same-sex ones. How do women who are unemployed in relationships cope and is their sense of self-worth as affected as when a man, who is expected to “provide,” cannot in fact provide?

The COVID-19 pandemic in many ways humbled a few households and relationships and the way we think about the term “no romance without finance” has come under major scrutiny. Can’t wait to dig in? Press Play now & look for The Hot Nerd podcast on any listening platform from Spotify to Google Podcasts to Apple Podcasts and literally anywhere you listen in!

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