08: Do We Demand “Social Change” But Make Zero Change In Personal Relationships?

China Noelle

All this violence and brutality from officials we trust to protect us can be an unforgivable betrayal, and it makes you wonder: whom else do you trust to protect you that ends up traumatizing you instead? Also, as we demand all this social change and take a stance against brutality, are we remembering to change the way we approach our loved ones at home?

After all, it is incongruent to threaten your partner or child in the house, and get violent, or get abusive, while simultaneously demanding that others halt their violence! We need to take care of BOTH areas: we need to, yes, demand that the vile actions of trusted officials stop immediately, AND we must also watch our violence in relationships! In news headlines, we’ll discuss Dave Chappelle’s very personal and very painful relationship to the national protests and the George Floyd tragedies.

We’ll also cover how all of this environmental stress and collective trauma intertwines with the latest research that says: everybody’s having less sex! Tune in now to listen. Hit the “Follow” button or subscribe to The Hot Nerd Podcast anywhere you listen in–whether it’s Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever!

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