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I’m built to motivate, inspire, heal + empower myself & others.

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  • I‘m a millennial. 
  • I started a popular digital site from scratch, sold it, created more. 
  • I have cable news experience on any network…CNN/HLN, BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Sky News. Check!
  • I entered Cornell at age 16 & graduated in three years at age 19 (and completed one year of a Ph.D. program at Georgetown when I was 21). 

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TV news personality. Previously, EIC & founding editor @MadameNoire. Current C.E.O./digital exec. in Health & Fitness. Ivy League history-maker.


Journalist & forthcoming author.
Previously EIC/founding editor @MadameNoire.
TV personality & current digital exec.
Ivy League history-maker.

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